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about us


At Organic Nails and Spa, we are committed to an incredible spa experience for everyone. We provide an environment that delights the senses and brings joy to body, mind and spirit alike. By using natural and organic spa ingredients, we present a distinctive and soothing spa experience that connects you with nature. We believe your nails should be natural, flawless, absolutely beautiful right in the heart of the city of Vienna.


At the heart of our spa experience is an abiding respect, understanding, and care for our clients, which begins with a concern for purity. Your trust and your comfort are essential to us. We employ a medical autoclave steam sterilization which is used at labs facility for the cleaning and sterilization to process on all our tools. A new nail fIle, buffer and pumice stone will be discarded after each service. Our pedicure bowls come equipped with disposable liners, and they are also outfitted with ECO air jets. Our special manicure bowl is design for one time use only, to ensure the highest level of sanitary conditions for each guest.

"Quality service. Attention to details. Relaxation at its best."​​

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