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Must-Have Manicure and Pedicure tools

How your nails look is a reflection of your hygiene. If your nails look dirty and unkempt it shows that you do not practice personal hygiene regularly. Personal hygiene also involves cleaning and trimming your nails to remove the dirt lodged in them. To do these, there are tools you should have(if you don't already have them). These tools help you maintain your nails and improve their appearance. However, if you ain't looking at getting them soon, you could have your nails cleaned and trimmed at any natural nail salon Fairfax. Some of the nail cleaning tools are

● Nail cutter

The nail cutter is the most basic tool that you need to keep your nails clean. When your nails are too long they serve as breeding space for bacteria and germs. Not cleaning or trimming them can lead to the spread of diseases and infections. With a nail cutter, you can trim your nails regularly. If you can't use the nail cutter or you are finding it hard to, you could visit the best manicure and classic pedicure Vienna

● Cuticle pusher

This tool helps you to push the skin over your nails to the back. Cuticles are quite fragile and need to be treated with care, so you should be careful while you are doing this. In the case of an accident and your cuticle is injured, you could visit any natural nail salon Fairfax for nail treatment of damaged nails Fairfax

● Nail file

After using the nail cutter, you could use the nail file, which helps to shape your nails, to further improve the appearance of your nails The most common nail files are emery boards and metal files. While the emery boards are gentle, metal files are quite harsh on nails. If you are finding it hard to shape your nails to your taste, you can visit best manicure and classic pedicure Vienna.

● Nail buffer

A nail buffer gives your nails a natural shiny look when used. It also smoothens your nails to enhance their appearance. Although you should be careful while you are using it to prevent nail injuries. If you However get injured, you should visit a nail salon for nail treatment for damaged nails fairfax.


Other tools include cuticle nipper, orangewood stick, and so on. At least you should have two or more of the above tools to aid you in cleaning your nails efficiently. Cheers to better personal hygiene and good-looking nails.

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